Banner auction

Dear festival visitors!

This year we auctioned 2252 Euro. A new record! The Brandos alone brought 300 Euro.

This year the Aufbaugilde Heilbronn and the Hospice of the Tides in Bad Friedrichshall gets the donation of our visitors. Both are non-profit organizations that do an important work in our region.

The final bids are: 

The Brandos: 300 Euro
Sound of the Sirens: 250 Euro
Steve’n’Seagulls: 230 Euro
Saga: 200 Euro
Hunter and the Bear: 150 Euro
The Common Linnets: 130 Euro
The Hooters: 155,74 Euro
Nazareth: 105 Euro
Stacie Collins: 104 Euro
Mickey & The Motorcars: 121 Euro
Alan Doyle: 131 Euro
DOTE: 121 Euro
David Knopfler: 82,55 Euro
Grachmusikoff: 50 Euro
Kids of Adelaide: 40 Euro
Jersey Julie: 28,71 Euro
Damian Lynn: 33 Euro
Tom James: 20 Euro

Send your offer to .

The auction ends on Sunday, 2nd July, at 24pm. We will then connect with the highest bidders.

And here are the banners: