Banner auction

Welcome to the auction of our signed artist banners, which we perform for the third time now.

The proceeds, along with your stamp donations, will benefit two institutions in the region: Meseno, a relief organization for family in Heilbronn, and Menschen in Not (People in Need), the aid campaign of the local newspaper, our media partner Heilbronner Stimme.

How it works, please scroll down the page. But before you get your informations:

This are the signed artist banners*!

And that’s how it works: You send your bid to We would like you to increase in increments of ten, the banners are truly unique and worth their money.

At the end of last year, we handed over 2,000 Euros each to the Aufbaugilde Heilbronn and to the Hospice of the Tides in Bad Friedrichshall. The highest bid was für the Brandos banner with 200 Euros, the Saga banner went away for 200 Euros.

Send your offer to 

The auction ends on Sunday, 17th June, at 24pm.

We publish the latest bids daily on our website and on facebook.

*Designed by Heidi Koroknay and Michaela Keicher