Aftermovie from the 5th blacksheep festival

Here is the official aftermovie from the 5th blacksheep festivals.

Matthias Bitsch and his camera captured enthusiastic spectators, great bands, an exciting supporting program and the wonderful atmosphere of our area. Bitsch works for our media partner, the local daily newspaper Heilbronner Stimme.

Also this great video was filmed at the 5th blacksheep festival and in some areas around Bonfeld. Here we would like to thank Annette Kißling for her support.

Responsible for this video are Christian Vogel, Daniel Hacker and their team. Leading role by Brother Dege.

Result of the auction 2018

And this is how the auction 2018 endet:

  • Brother Dege – 120 Euro
  • Gotthard – 250 Euro
  • Stefanie Heinzmann – 290 Euro
  • The Levellers – 150 Euro
  • Passenger – 210 Euro
  • Mrs. Greenbird – 250 Euro
  • Marc Broussard – 70 Euro
  • Django 3000 – 50 Euro
  • Mighty Oaks – 90 Euro
  • Oysterband – 180 Euro
  • Keywest – 150 Euro
  • Gitze – 100 Euro
  • Wishbone Ash – 360 Euro
  • Sean Koch & Band – 80 Euro
  • Band of Heathens – 130 Euro
  • Hanne Kah – 80 Euro
  • Zervas & Pepper – 50 Euro
  • Frontm3n – 110 Euro

This has been the 5th blacksheep festival

Dear friends,

Matthias Bitsch from the local Television station Stimme TV made this wonderful video about the 5th blacksheep Festival We see us again from Thursday, 27th June, to Saturday, 29. June 2019!

And here’s a view behind the scenery with Ulrich Schneider, leader of the blacksheep Initiative Bonfeld, and our art director, Franz Koroknay. Sorry, it’s only in German available.

Artist Banner Auction

Last year the highest bid has been 300 Euro for The Brandos  banner, the bid for Saga was 200 Euro high. The highest bid now is 150 Euro for Stefanie Heinzmann’s banner followed by Passenger and Mrs. Greenbird (both 120 Euro). Let’s see, what’s happens till the end of the auction on Sunday night.

Sunday, 17th June, 10pm*

  • Brother Dege – 120 Euro
  • Gotthard – 110 Euro
  • Stefanie Heinzmann – 260 Euro
  • The Levellers – 150 Euro
  • Passenger – 170 Euro
  • Mrs. Greenbird – 120 Euro
  • Marc Broussard – 50 Euro
  • Django 3000 – 50 Euro
  • Mighty Oaks – 70 Euro
  • Oysterband – 180 Euro
  • Keywest – 150 Euro
  • Gitze – 100 Euro
  • Wishbone Ash – 150 Euro
  • Sean Koch & Band – 80 Euro
  • Band of Heathens – 90 Euro
  • Hanne Kah – 80 Euro
  • Zervas & Pepper – 50 Euro
  • Frontm3n – 110 Euro

*All in all: 2090 Euro

The first bids for our artist banner auction are available. Until Sunday, June 17, 24 clock, you can send your bid as possible in increments of ten to

Like your stamp donations, we spend the proceeds of the auction to two helpful institutions in the region Heilbronn: Meseno and People in Need. Further information

See you again in 2019

With the brilliant performance of Mighty Oask, the 5th blacksheep festival ended in these minutes.

We are infinitely grateful for many beautiful moments we experienced with our 19 bands, our more than 7500 visitors, our partners and sponsors, the owners of this great site and our wonderful team.

We are also grateful that the blacksheep Festival has once again been spared heavy storms. God is a Bonfelder! That’s why this is the most beautiful place in the world to host such a first-class music festival.

We see us again from Thursday, 27th June, to Saturday, 29th June 2019. </ strong>

Stay healthy. Thank you. Your blacksheep cultural initiative Bonfeld e.V.

That’s what the local newspaper says about us

Living Trees and Acrobats

Even if no band is playing at the moment, the festival visitors are well entertained. See, amazement, being glad – this is how the audience reacts when it suddenly faces the Living Trees: the stilt-walkers are imitating oak trees in a astounding real way – until they move around and keep in touch with the fascinated spectators.

Made to measure

Sur Mesure – custom work – is, when three young men whirl around on their mobile trampoline, jingling and juggling in between. The three will bei accompanied from five musicians.

The members of international show troupe Sur Mesure from Belgium are coming from Finnland to Brasil. They are part of the program at our festival Saturday.

In case of the Drum Stars, the audience almost automatically follows the invitation to clap and drum – the choreographed percussion show with metal barrels and ladders is pure fun. “This is a festival to feel good” says spokesman Benni Pfeifer about the blacksheep festival. The troupe came from Munich and travel directly from Bonfeld to the next gig in Greece.


A Festival to feel good experienced Jo von Usslar too. He came with 80 liters of special mixed soapsuds from Hamburg and let Young and Old play with his equipment. In the end lots of soap bubbles are flying over the area. This is a rainbow-colored invitation to pause.

Jo Baza loves to conjure at festivals like ours. If he lets foam balls disappear at the tables in the gastro area, there is a lot of head shaking and laughter. “I am a magician, not a clown”, explains the artist from Leingarten, who is a cop in real life.

Is it me?

People are gathering in front of a screen where caricatures are created. “What happens there?” The question is written in the faces before they notice: “This is me!”

The expression is amusing. Caricaturist Harold Hugenholtz remains unrecognized behind the screen at his Theater Caricature.

The festival guests are also amazed by Alois Gescheidle. In his apron, plaid shirt and corduroy he suddenly stands beside them, swabian-babbling: “Are you there with your own wife?”

Perplexed or quick-witted, the visitors react until the cabaret artist Marcus Neuweiler from Schönau makes himself known. Stand up improvisation that matches the festival mood: consistently cheerful.

Zeit für die Anreise einrechnen!

Sorry, aber aufgrund von Brücken-Bauarbeiten auf der A6 gibt es rund um Bonfeld gerade Stau. Das hatten wir leider nicht eingeplant. Doch plant Ihr am besten mehr Zeit für die Anreise ein. Wer aus Heilbronn kommt, sollte die Autobahn komplett meiden. Auch die Abreise kann wohl etwas länger dauern. Das haben uns Besucher vom Freitag berichtet.

Goose bumps at the blacksheep Festival

The local newspaper Heilbronner Stimme has a great article about the festival Friday on their website: “Goose bumps at the blacksheep festival”.

Also we think, that the Friday was a wonderful day. Especially because we had great bands and a great audience with us. But also the weather has held: What more could you want. It’s festival time!

Heilbronner Stimme

Meet & Greet with Stefanie Heinzmann

Lina, Lilly, Maja und Ella sind Fans. Maja „ein richtiger“. Erst nach dem Meet & Greet mit ihrem Star Stefanie Heinzmann ist sie aufgeregt: „Das war ja nur cool – wir haben einen richtigen Promi getroffen“.

Möglich gemacht hat das das Management von Stefanie Heinzmann. Und dafür sind wir als blacksheep Kulturinitiative sehr dankbar. Denn bei so einem Meet & Greet gibt es nur glückliche Gesichter.

Völlig unverkrampfter Star

„Sie ist ein ganz normaler Mensch“, finden die drei Mädchen, nachdem jede Menge Selfies geschossen und Autogrammkarten mit persönlichen Widmungen verteilt sind. Ella freut sich, weil Heinzmann „auf alle Fragen ehrlich geantwortet hat“, und Lilly findet ihr Idol noch „viel schöner als auf den Fotos”.

„Völlig unverkrampft“, empfinden Rüdiger Bub und seine Frau Bettina die Begegnung im Backstage-Bereich des Festivalgeländes. Auch, weil sich die bekannte Sängerin und Musikerin so ernsthaft mit ihren Gästen befasst. Die beiden Bubs haben Tickets für das Meet & Greet bei unserem Medienpartner Heilbronner Stimme gewonnen.

Authentisch und ungeheuer sympathisch

Und Rüdiger Bub hat Recht: Stefanie Heinzmann hört zu und erzählt. Zum Beispiel, dass sie schon als ganz junges Mädchen gern gesungen und Musik gemacht hat, und dass sie sich nach langen Reisen beim Yoga entspannt. Sehr authentisch und persönlich berichtet die junge Schweizerin vom Musikgeschäft, vom Haare Färben oder von ihrer Jury-Tätigkeit bei der Kindersendung Dein Song. Sich gegenseitig entdecken, staunen, freuen: Der blacksheep-Geist wirkt auch bei diesem Meet & Greet ansteckend.