blacksheep Festival 2018


Thursday till Saturday, 7th till 9th June
Castlecourtyard and Castleparc Bonfeld
Three Stages, 19 Bands, Three Days of Joy
Talents meet Legends


Thursday General Admission: 30 Euro
Thursday Seat: 40 Euro
Friday: 57 Euro
Saturday: 59 Euro
Combiticket: 104 Euro
Festivalticket: 130 Euro
VIP Donnerstag: 85 Euro
VIP Friday: 130 Euro
VIP Saturday: 130 Euro

* All ticketprices plus presale fees

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Down you’ll find informations about the 19 bands we booked for the 5th blacksheep festival next to the beautiful castle of Bonfeld.

Thursday, 7th June 2018

Hanne Kah (Germany)

She is young, she comes from Mainz and she has a wonderful voice: the folk singer and guitarist Hanne Kah charms with handmade folk-rock and songs from her own pen, which are carried by vocals and guitar. The audience experiences an interplay of touching, calm sounds and amazing rocking sounds.

As a winner of the “Berliner Festspiele 2010” the young musician went to Berlin. 2011 and 2012 were followed by nominations at the “German Rock & Pop Award” in the category “Best German Young Rock & Pop Band”, as well as several weeks top-10 placements in the SWR “DasDing Netzparade”.

A personal dream came true for Hanne Kah with the support of American singer Terra Naomi, she played also support for the Alin Coen & Band, Gregory Meyle, Kate Ryan, ELAIZA, Stanfour and Andreas Bourani.

“a story shared” is the title of her latest CD, she has released on the Breidenstein label “Triumphton Records”.  “Hanne Kah is the German answer to Amy Macdonald“, says her producer Björn Seibel, convinced of the artistic qualities of Hanne.

Hanne Kah and Triumphton Records have worked together several times already. The recordings show the versatility of the musician and provide rousing moments full of depth. Hanne Kah convinces with her powerful voice and on the guitar – sometimes soulful, sometimes crazy.

Die Band

  • Hanne Kah – Gesang, Gitarre, Klavier
  • Patrick Jost – Gitarre, Gesang
  • Malte Schmidt – Drums, Klavier
  • Niklas Quernheim – Bass, Gesang


The Band of Heathens (USA)


It’s been a little over three years since we released our last full-length album. While that is definitely the longest break between albums we’ve ever had, it’s been a busy few years. We’ve been around the country on tour a few times; toured across Europe a couple times; sailed away on about a dozen rock-boat style cruises; spent time touring and recording with some of our great artist friends like Hayes Carll, Kid Rock, Tim Easton, Joe Fletcher; and we’ve been hard at work in 4 different studios in three different states writing and recording what we feel is our best work we’ve ever put forth.

Duende. The word is taken from Spanish flamenco music and is used to describe a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity; a quality of inspiration and passion. It’s what we’re chasing. True authenticity. True connection. Being true to who we are as a band. We’re explorers in search of what it means to be authentically connected with each other, whether it be in the context of our strained relationships, in struggling with materialism and the culture of more, in coping with our various (legal and illegal) drugs, in feeling alone and disconnected in a supposedly “connected” virtual society, and in loving our fellow humans regardless of where we’re from or where we’ve been.

We’re fortunate enough to have the privilege of making music for a living. We get to follow our muse, make art, and travel around the world meeting people of all walks of life, connecting via the power of a finely tuned rock n roll machine we get to call our band. Duende is the culmination of a year and a half of recording, three years of writing, 11 years of touring on the backs of our fans, decades of studying how to speak with our instruments, and lifetimes of trying to figure out what it means to be alive. To be human. To be authentically connected to our brothers and sisters on this earth.

Duende. Say it out loud. (dwen-de). The sound of the word even takes you for a ride. Like the sound of a mystery. The sound of the wind across the top of the mountain. It’s the sound of a band digging deep into the grit of the road, hugging the curves tight, hot rod dust and gravel kicking at the edges. Enjoy the ride. We certainly have. Read more about the band

Die Band

  • Ed Jurdi – Gitarre, Keyboard, Gesang
  • Gordy Quist – Gitarre, Gesang
  • Trevor Nealon – Keyboard, Gesang
  • Richard Millsap –Schlagzeug, Gesang
  • Scott Davis –Bass, Gesang



These three talented musicians know each other since the early 90s when they toured the world together as members of Cliff Richard’s band. Jump forward a couple of decades and they’ve each got their individual, established musical careers. When Peter Howarth (The Hollies), Mick Wilson (10cc) and Pete Lincoln (The Sweet) joined their current bands around the mid-90s, a new chapter began and they still tour to this day with their respective bands across all continents.

As Frontm3n, the gifted trio depart from their regular bands and come back together on stage to celebrate nearly 25 years of musical skill and friendship, forming a unique collaboration and presenting an extraordinary concert. During a special, acoustic evening, Frontm3n play the legendary songs the public know and love. Every song has its own unique history in defining the individual careers of these top vocalists and musicians.

Three voices, three guitars and simply nothing else. It’s an amazing experience that your ears will hardly believe during a show of absolute world class.

To whet your appetite, why not take a look at some of the songs covered in the set: “Love is like Oxygen”, “Fox on the Run” and “Ballroom Blitz” from The Sweet. “Devil Woman” and “Carrie” from Cliff Richard, “I’m not in Love”, “Dreadlock Holiday”, from 10cc, as well as ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He Is My Brother’, ‘The Air That I Breathe’, from The Hollies and Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman”, “You got it”, Sailor’s “Girls Girls Girls”, “Glass of Champagne” and more special songs individually chosen by each of these three top musicians.

A top quaility performance and a ‘night to remember’ is guaranteed!

The Band

  • Peter Howarth (The Hollies) – Voice, Guitar
  • Mick Wilson (10cc) – Voice, Guitar
  • Pete Lincoln (The Sweet) – Voice, Guitar


Friday, 8th June 2018

Gitze & Band (Germany)

Wendrsonn, Grachmusikoff – und eben Gitze (Photo by Edgar Layher). Bei uns hat der Schwabenrock einen festen Platz, auch, weil er so schon fetzt und so gut zu unserer Innenhofbühne passt. Gitze ist der Sänger einer hervorragenden Band: Mit ihm auf der Bühne stehen Göran Jäck, Werner Müller, Boonkid Jackson und Helmut Nothum. Sie interpretieren hauptsächlich Songs von Wolle Kriwanek und Paul Vincent.

Dabei leben unvergessene Klassiker wie “U.F.O.”, “Stroßaboh” oder “Reggae i di uff? ebenso wieder auf wie längst vergessen geglaubte und lange nicht mehr gehörte Perlen der schwäbischen Rock- und Blues-Musik. Neben den Songs von Kriwanek/Vincent befinden sich im musikalischen Repertoire von Gitze & Band auch der eine oder andere Schwoißfuaß-Klassiker sowie eigene schwäbische Adaptionen mehr oder weniger bekannter Rock-, Pop- und Folksongs.

Das Publikum kann sich auf eine erstklassige Band freuen, die sich aus Göran Jäck (Gitarre), Helmut Nothum (Hammond-Orgel/Piano, Gesang), Werner Müller (Bass, Gesang) und Boonkid Jackson (Schlagzeug) zusammensetzt: routinierte und spielfreudige Musiker, die zusammen mit Sänger und Frontmann Gitze das musikalische Vermächtnis von Wolle Kriwanek und Paul Vincent am Leben erhalten wollen.

The Band

  • Günter – Gitze – Deyle – Voice
  • Göran Jäck – Guitar
  • Werner Müller – Bass
  • Boonkid Jackson – Drums
  • Helmut Nothum – Keyboard, Piano


Zervas & Pepper (UK)

Zervas and Pepper are singer/songwriters, that have been crafting songs and capturing imaginations with their previous critically acclaimed albums “Lifebringer” and “Abstract Heart”, 2017 brings a fresh offering “Wilderland”.

Touring with their six-piece band presenting the albums in clubs and theatres with a reputation for transporting the audience with wild tales, soaring harmonies, open tunings and psychedelic leanings. Zervas & Pepper have their roots firmly planted in the rich and fertile soil of the legendary sound of Laurel Canyon.

“Wilderland” was written in a cabin in the Colorado rocky mountains, The duo taking refuge from a troubled world, The songwriters underwent the process of writing an album that would be infused by the nature around them, A muse that would only be interrupted by their concerns for the outside world.

Recording started in LA with James Raymond (Crosby, Stills and Nash/CPR) with James co-producing and performing on part of the album. Recording then resumed with long time band and engineer Llion Robertson on home soil in rural Mid Wales.

The Band

  • Kathryn Pepper
  • Paul Zervas
  • Simon Kingman – Gitarre
  • Andrew Brown – Bass
  • Jack Egglestone – Schlagzeug


Django 3000 (Germany)

South Korea, Finland, Russia and the last corners of Bavaria – as diverse as the places where Flo, Jan-Philipp and Kamil (photo: Sturm by Media_unlimited) have celebrated their Bonaparty in recent years, so versatile are the experiences they made by travelling with their music all over Europe.

The wild and romantic roughnecks have matured. A little bit More serious, but also more passionate! More than ever, on their current album Django 3000s are what they have always been: cosmopolitan artists with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. You can hear this while listening to the new songs, they are still mercilessly forward, but also combined with darker, melancholy tones. Gipsy Disco was yesterday – the Djangos of today are rocking across all musical boundaries right in the heart and on the hip. It’s grooving again in the Django cosmos. And yet different. Therefore, in addition to Willy Löster producer Olaf Opal (The Notwist, Sportsfreunde Stiller, Juli) was invited to the studio too.

The new album gets under the skin. You may hear a pinch of heavy metal and a touch of jazz. New are the synthesizers that let the sound carpet fly. Live the five guys of Django 3000 are rocking the stage with a keyboarder. Strange and familiar things flow into each other, just as it is when you come home after a long journey: you are still the old, but no longer the same.
In the stories they tell, Django 3000 surpasses the limits. They sing of going on in seemingly hopeless situations, of uncompromising new beginnings – and they are whirling up a cloud of dust wherever they appear. At the same time, there is a new wind in their lyrics as well: To be understood in all corners of the world, the international language English has now gained equal importance alongside the band’s Bavarian dialect. But departure mood or not – you still can expect the dirtiest, hottest party between Chiemsee and Arctic Circle.

The Band

  • Florian, Flo, Starflinger
  • Jan-Philipp Wiesmann
  • Kamil Müller
  • Michael Fenzl


The Levellers (UK)

Celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2018, Brighton folk-punk band Levellers are touring in the Spring around the release of an acoustic album recorded at Abbey Road Studios with legendary producer John Leckie.

Emerging victorious through the ups and downs of label deals, spats with the music press and the wear and tear of touring, the Levellers are still going strong after 30 years in the game. They have long been and still are, one of the best live bands around but, often overlooked is their impressive back catalogue of recorded music.

The Levellers sold more platinum, gold, and silver albums in the 1990s than any other act. They’ve had 7 Top 40 albums, including the number 1 album Zeitgeist and their platinum-selling 1991 album Levelling The Land, and a number of Top 40 singles including This Garden, Hope St, Just the One and What a Beautiful Day.

The Band

  • Mark Chadwick  – Voice, Guitar
  • Charlie Heather – Drums
  • Jon Sevink – Violine
  • Jeremy Cunningham – Bass
  • Simon Friend – Guitar
  • Matt Savage – Keyboards
  • Stephen Boakes – Didgeridoo


Stefanie Heinzmann (Switzerland)

Seit ihrem 2008er Debu Album “Masterplan” zählt Stefanie Heinzmann (Foto: Sebastian Magnani/Universal Music) zu den erfolgreichsten, außergewöhnlichsten und mitreißendsten Sängerinnen innerhalb der europäischen Poplandschaft. Mit dem Album “Chance Of Rain” liefert die charismatische Schweizerin nun das perfekte Allwetter-Album ab.

Manchmal gibt es Situationen im Leben, in denen man sich nicht mehr wieder erkennt. In denen man sich selbst fremd geworden und ein Ausweg scheinbar in unendlich weite Ferne gerückt ist. Von Unsicherheit und Selbstzweifeln bestimmte Zeiten, die sich gefühlte Ewigkeiten hinziehen und einem nicht selten das Letzte abverlangen können. Diesen Momenten widmet Stefanie Heinzmann mit “Chance Of Rain” ihr bisher ehrlichstes, offenstes und mutigstes Album.

Unglaublich viel ist passiert im Leben der Pop- und Soulsängerin aus dem Schweizer Wallis, die nun mit ihrem vierten Album einen weiteren wichtigen Schritt in ihrer Karriere vollzieht.

Nach unzähligen Platin- und Goldauszeichnungen, ausverkauften Touren, Zusammenarbeiten mit Weltstars wie Tower of Power, Joss Stone, Lionel Richie oder Ronan Keating, zahlreichen Ehrungen wie dem ECHO, dem Swiss Music Award, dem Kids Choice Award sowie der 1Live Krone und nicht zuletzt den Erfahrungen während ihrer Jurorentätigkeit bei den letzten beiden Staffeln von “The Voice of Switzerland”, blickt Stefanie Heinzmann nun zurück: auf gute Zeiten, aber auch auf schlechte Zeiten, die ebenfalls tiefe Eindrücke in den Songs der 26-jährigen Sängerin hinterlassen haben.

Selbstreflektionen während emotionaler Ausnahmezustände waren immer schon der beste Nährboden für die Stücke von Stefanie Heinzmann, die sich auf ihrem neuen Album so verwundbar, gleichzeitig aber auch so stark und im wahrsten Sinne selbstbewusst wie nie zuvor präsentiert. “Chance Of Rain” ist Stefanies vertontes Logbuch von Freud und Leid. Und auch von den bittersüßen Augenblicken, in denen man oft nicht so richtig zwischen diesen beiden gegensätzlichen Emotionen trennen kann. Rückschau, Bestandsaufnahme, aber gleichzeitig auch ein fester Blick nach vorne. “Auch The Voice war in den letzten Jahren ein großes Thema für mich”, sagt Stefanie: “Ich habe dabei viel über mich selbst gelernt und einen komplett neuen Respekt vor dem Beruf des Musikschaffenden bekommen.

Entstanden sind die Songs von “Change of Rain” in monatelangen Songwritingsessions in Nashville, Los Angeles, London, der Schweiz, Köln sowie Berlin und wurden schließlich in Zusammenarbeit mit fünf Producern in Studios in London, Berlin und Köln aufgenommen. Für Stefanie Heinzmann völlig neue Erfahrungen: neue Leute, neue Umgebung, neue Inspirationen und nicht zuletzt ganz neue Herausforderungen, denen sie sich erfolgreich gestellt hat. Wagnisse eingehen, die kreativen Fühler in verschiedene Richtungen ausstrecken, sich ausprobieren und schauen, was sich gut anfühlt und was zu ihr passt, so das erklärte Motto ihres vierten Albums. “Und es sollte Eier haben“, fügt Stefanie lachend hinzu, die sich auf “Chance Of Rain” deutlich spürbar von ihren Motown-Roots entfernt und hin zu einem sofort ins Ohr gehenden catchy Sound-Mix aus organischem Neo-Soul und elektronischen Elementen entwickelt hat.

Modern und geerdet zugleich. “Wir haben diesmal absolut alles anders gemacht, als auf den ersten drei Platten davor. Als Sängerin lerne ich immer noch dazu, entwickele mich weiter und finde mit jedem Album ein wenig besser heraus, wohin die Reise geht. Ich bin noch lange nicht angekommen – und das ist auch gut so! Der Begriff “angekommen sein” bedeutet für mich das Ende, Stillstand. Ich habe für mich selbst herausgefunden, dass es gar nicht nötig ist, zwingend irgendwo anzukommen. Das ist das Schöne, das hat mir während der Aufnahmen eine gewisse Ruhe gegeben.

“Chance Of Rain” ist die gelebte Erkenntnis, dass alles seinen Sinn hat und dass in jedem Hindernis, in jeder Einbahnstraße auch Veränderung und neue Chancen innewohnen. Mit Stefanie Heinzmann kommt eine top aktuelle, hoch interessante Musikerin zu uns. Auf die wir uns sehr freuen.


Gotthard unplugged (Switzerland)

In march of 2018 the currently most successful swiss rock band will return to the stages with “Defrosted“.

Upping the ante is a matter of honor for the ultimate unplugged experience’s new edition. On the face of it, Gotthard have again selected the finest small clubs and secured the biggest festivals stages–however, on the inside, of course, the band is now equipped with over20 years of additional experience and a truck load full of additional hits.

“Silver” is a special album in many ways. The 25th anniversary’s importance to the band is already evident in the album title. Referring to the anniversary of a long-time marriage, “Silver” hints at the fact that a band can actually take on similar features or at least can be an equally complex relationship. After Gotthard’s eventful history, this comparison moves, as well as it commands respect: Despite losing an essential part of the band, the boys managed to stay together, and, with their passion and the benefit of Nic Maeder, added a new facet to their music as well as a double dose of joy.

The fact that “Silver” reminds us of the multiple sales awards and prompts us to dress up for the festive event, might not be on purpose, but is nevertheless appropriate, because the new album proves that Gotthard are in no way detached –even after 25 years. On 13 (digital edition) respectively 15 tracks, five thoroughbred musicians floor the gas pedal, bringing loads of creative ideas to the table that display their unabated enthusiasm for the band in every single song. Already the first single “Stay with me” has everything that makes the hearts of the fans beat faster: From fragile acoustic guitars and Nic’s emotional vocals, the single delivers a sophisticated rock explosion and hits the sweet spot between half ballad and monumental hymn. An ideal opening for “Silver”.

However, according to the track list, the album’s true beginning is “Silver River”, a cool groove rocker with a well-greased Hammond engine and a virtuoso guitar solo that goes full speed without delay. By now, the safety bars should be closed at the latest, because “Electrified” ignites. The riff rocker of the ‘She Goes Down’-category smoothly takes us right into the album past the point of no return. However, the way back becomes irrelevant, when “Beautiful” sends us directly towards the future: Sequencers announce the year 2017, female choirs surprise from the middle part on, and the song grows into an emotional and thrillingly positive track – you don’t need to be a psychic to predict the heaving sea of lighters, respectively cell phone displays on the next tour. But there’s no room for sentiment, because in-between Rammstein staccato and down-to-earth rock, “Everything inside” is all about not letting anyone push you around: “Don’t keep everything inside, let it out, gotta free your mind. Take, take – even lose your pride, but don’t keep everything inside”. A short piano intro opens up for the deliberately orchestrated “Reason for this”. Dokken-like grooves, coupled with seventies Kansas flair, provide for an almost sunny declaration of love, which in the chorus will open up absolutely everybody’s heart. “Not following anyone” comes along a little more reflectively – the song’s singer/songwriter feel is perfect for unwinding.

However, the sensually swaying Latin rhythm of “Miss me”, with a pounding almost like kettledrums, summarily moves the album into more Southern realms and the perfect setting to miss somebody like crazy. However, before there’s too much heartache, the band shakes it off and fires up “Tequila Symphony No.5”. There’s only one way for the beat here: onwards – while the guitar appreciatively takes the time to cite Beethoven’s Fifth and the song builds up to its impressive finale. The digital album’s last third starts with “Why”, which simply is great fun thanks to acoustic guitars and fantastic vocal arrangements. Sing your head off, party hard and finally let go – the song’s got it all. “Only Love is real” starts fragile and becomes massive: piano, pickings, strings and awesome melodies make the song a true hymn that has no problem with pathos. Extraordinary: Hena Habegger’s nearly militaristic drumming that sets a brilliant contrast – and to the fact that the track could easily be cast in a monumental film soundtrack. Then it’s time for a classic. “My oh my” is best Gotthard tradition and an honest tribute to best buddy rock ’n’ roll. There’s nothing gimmicky or artificial here: “My oh my, noone’s gonna stop me ‘til I die”. Full stop. At the end of the digital edition, “Silver” puts the pedal to the floor once again, and with a broad grin takes responsibility for getting literally everybody off their feet with “Blame on me”’s breathtaking solo parts.

Owners of the physical Digipak album get two bonus tracks. Led by Habegger’s whipping beats and staged by rock-hard riffing, the propelling swing of  “Walk on” definitely doesn’t miss out on anything. The axe is swung in “Dail Hard” manner on “Customize Lovin’”– including subtle Hammond sounds, harmonizing intelligently with the hellish track’s wild habitus. A worthy closer for a versatile, innovative, and yet tradition-bound album, which suggests precious metal even before the release. It’s official: Friday the 13th of the next year will be a lucky day for rock ’n’ roll. Go find your little black dress and ask somebody to remind you how to tie a tie – we’re dressing up for 2017, because there’s a quarter of a century of Gotthard to celebrate, and Nic Maeder, Leo Leoni, Marc Lynn, Hena Habegger, and Freddy Scherer will be live on tour with “Silver” from February on!

The Band

  • Leo Leoni – Guitar
  • Nic Maeder – Voice
  • Freddy Scherer – Guitar
  • Hena Habegger – Drums
  • Marc Lynn – Bass


Saturday, 9th June 2018

Winner of the 5th blacksheep Bandcontest

Again we will invite five Newcomerbands for our competition, the blacksheep bandcontest about the FÖRCH Newcommer-Award. The Contest is on Saturday, 7th April, in Bonfeld, Bislandhalle.

Find more about the Contest here

Sean Koch Trio (Southafrica)

Sean Koch brings with him, the sunny and easy vibes of the South African surf life to Germany.

He was born and raised in the small village of Komitjie just outside of Cape Town, where the people live by the waves and the tide. In his easy listening but profound songs, Sean deals with the lessons learned from his life in the Cape.

Central to Sean’s life philosophy is that the good times are a just a stretch away and its all up to you to make it happen. Sean Koch epitomises this philosophy in the way he lives his life and is echoed in the song Good Times Keep Rolling. In combination with the optimism and simplicity, with which the 26 year old is living his life, the first EP “Natural Projection” came into being. This work has the potential to tell a whole life story in just five tracks.

Sean’s songs are telling both: The ups and downs along the way. But always making sure that with the right flow the downs are likely to be overcome. His deep connection to nature and the simple but adventurous way of living typical for his South African homeland are branding his unique sounds as much as his striking voice. Accompanied by his long standing friends Shaun Cloete and Ross Hillier, who always got his back, this trio has the power to bring their positive energy to the whole world. Let their vibes roadtrip through your ears to your mind to keep your good times rolling!

The Band

  • Sean Koch –  Vocals, Gitarre
  • Shaun Cloete – Bass, Lead-Gitarre
  • Ross Hillier – Schlagzeug, Djembe


Marc Broussard (USA)

Marc Broussard is an American singer-songwriter, who’s style is best described as “Bayou Soul”, a mix of funk, blues, R&B, rock and pop, matched with distinct Southern roots.

In his career, he has released eight studio albums, one live album, three EPs, and has charted twice on Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks. He is the son of acclaimed Louisiana Hall of Fame guitarist and former member of The Boogie Kings, Ted Broussard. Marc was raised in Carencro, Louisiana and Lafayette, Louisiana.

In 2001 Broussard was part of Y, a Christian band. The short-lived band was based out of New Iberia, Louisiana. Broussard’s solo career started with the release of several independent efforts, including 2002’s Momentary Setback which spawned the hit “The Wanderer”, a song about self-discovery. A re-worked version of the song appears on his first major album Carencro (Island Records), released on August 3, 2004. The album’s title pays tribute to the musician’s hometown of Carencro, Louisiana, where he still resides. It featured the two singles “Where You Are” (which garnered some considerable airplay on VH1) and “Home” (his biggest hit to date).

In 2007, he released S.O.S.: Save Our Soul, an album consisting almost entirely of cover songs. The album was his first to reach the top 100 of the Billboard 200 in the US, debuting and peaking at No. 96: this had the effect of “graduating” him from the Top Heatseekers chart, which consists of albums by artists who have never reached the top 100. Broussard finished recording the Must Be The Water EP on the Rock Boat VII in January 2008 and released it later that year. He was no stranger to The Rock Boat, which is an annual cruise and music festival. This was Broussard’s first release with his new label, Atlantic Records, with which he signed a multi-album contract in 2007.

Broussard’s music has been featured on shows such as Clash of the Choirs in which “Home” was performed by a Blake Shelton-led choir. Singer Kelly Clarkson performed “Home” as part of her live setlist in 2006-07. Most recently, “Must Be the Water” was the theme song for the 2008 NBA All-Star Game. Broussard has been a featured performer on many TV programs including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, A&E Breakfast with the Arts, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, CBS Saturday Early Show, Larry King Live, Lopez Tonight, and CBS’s Saturday Morning’s Second Cup Cafe.

In 2008, he released his next studio album, Keep Coming Back. The song “Hard Knocks” from this album was featured in the last episode of the 2009 season of Hard Knocks on HBO featuring the Cincinnati Bengals. Broussard’s fourth full-length album, Marc Broussard was released on June 14, 2011. An early release called Marc Broussard EP was released on March 22, 2011 and features the singles “Lucky” and “Only Everything”. A third single “Cruel” followed later that year.

In late 2012, he signed a new deal with Vanguard Records,[4] and released a live album Live from Full Sail University on April 9, 2013. He released his next album A Life Worth Living on July 29, 2014. The album cover was unveiled on May 13, 2014, and the set’s first single “Hurricane Heart” premiered on May 19, 2014. On November 6, 2015, he released his first Christmas album, Magnolias and Mistletoe independently, which was preceded by the single/video “Almost Christmas”.

In March 2016, he announced a new studio album which would serve as a sequel to his successful ’70s-influenced S.O.S.: Save Our Soul cover album. The set’s first single “Cry to Me” premiered in May.[9] In July, the album was revealed to be titled S.O.S. 2: Save Our Soul: Soul on a Mission and to focus on music from the ’50s & ’60s.[10] The album was released independently on September 30, 2016 in the midst of his nationwide tour.

Broussard married his wife, Sonya, on The Rock Boat VII in January 2008. They have four children. Their oldest son, Gavin, was the inspiration for Broussard’s song “Gavin’s Song” which was co-written by Dave Barnes.

Another son, Gibb was named after musician Gibb Droll who often toured with Broussard. A daughter, Evangeline Rose, followed, and their youngest is a daughter, Ella Grace. A running theme among his albums was the inclusion of a (usually hidden) bonus track at the end, which would be dedicated to each of his family members. From “Gavin’s Song” off Carencro, to “Evangeline Rose” off Keep Coming Back, to “Gibby’s Song” off Marc Broussard, to “Sonya’s Song” off Live at Full Sail University and “A Life Worth Living” (about his Grandmother) off A Life Worth Living.

Broussard is also involved in philanthropic work. He founded the Momentary Setback Fund to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. He released an album Bootleg to Benefit the Victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, with all proceeds going to help rebuild Broussard’s home state, Louisiana. He is also involved in the United Way and Habitat for Humanity.In 2007, Broussard was involved in an Entertain the Troops tour in the Middle East. In 2016, he announced 50 percent of the sales of his S.O.S. 2: Save Our Soul: Soul on a Mission album would go to charity, primarily the homeless and towards hometown organizations like City of Refuge. (Credit:

The Band

  • Marc Broussard – Vocal, Guitar


Brother Dege (USA)

Every track on the Brother Dege’s Folk Songs of the American Longhair CD could have been in the movie “Django Unchained”. It works and has a badass score sound to it. Almost every song could be a theme song. It’s like a greatest hits album. But this song “Too Old to Die Young,” it’s pretty damn badass. And it’s used in the movie in a pretty damn badass way,
I’ve got to say.” – Quentin Tarantino

4-stars. If you didn’t already know, Brother Dege is one of the best-kept secrets in the Deep South. Period. If you like raw dirt, railroad pounding, swamp-fried, slide Delta Blues with a 21st century twist, then you’re in luck. If you dig Son House and Robert Johnson, even better. There ain’t anybody else out there doing it like this. This is real music. True indie music. Real grass roots. Composed of all original tunes and written & recorded in the old slide style with no hokum – like some Alan Lomax field recording – Folk Songs of the American Longhair tunnels into the ancient mysteries of pre-war blues. God-fearing and devil-obsessed.” Uncut

9/10. Brother Dege is a guitar-slidin’ force of nature whose songs could fill a hall with their effortless, mostly-acoustic verve. Ranging from quietly desperate to careening full-tilt boogie, Folksongs of the American Longhair is a testament to the idea that less can, in fact, be considerably more. Fans of slide guitar, Southern gothic, or plain old rock & roll attitude need to run, not walk, and check out Brother Dege ASAP. This outstanding record is a case study in how one guy with a steel guitar and minimal accompaniment can out-rock a roomful of electric bombast, given the right songs, the right skills, and the right voice. Brother Dege has ‘em all.” Popmatters

Folk Songs of The American Longhair is a Delta Blues masterpiece and Brother Dege is, dare I say, the Robert Johnson of the 21st Century.” – Rootsville /Belgium

Folk Songs Of The American Longhair is in the tradition of the slide guitar Delta blues tradition, but with Legg’s own twist.” – Classic Rock Magazine

Brother Dege is a Louisiana badman who talks and sings about being Too old to die young and some such wisdoms. We’re keeping an eye on him.” – Kexp Radio, Seattle

… an updated perspective of the age-old Delta blues. Compared to the mammoth sound production of his Lafayette electric-rock groups Santeria and Black Bayou Construkt, here Dege works in an austere one-man band setting reminiscent of his inspirations. After that, it’s his own game: one slide-stinging dobro and a helluva stomping foot.” – Offbeat Magazine

Brother Dege writes brilliant visual texts that are at the same time spiritual and macabre, but
always with the soul of a Cajun bluesman.” – Rootsville /Belgium

The Band

  • Brother Dege AKA Dege Legg – Guitar, Voice


Oysterband (UK)

Oysterband (Photo by Judith Burrows) was born in the summer of 1977 when the sound of punk rock rang loud from the radio, disaffection became the order of the day and riots filled the streets of Thatcherite Britain. There were many on the UK folkscene who felt the same urge for similar challenges and change in their own music and lives, and Oysterband’s hard-edged music and performances amply filled those needs. They brought passion, and not a little poetry to folk and roots music, but also a welcome power and energy. Through the intervening four decades, they have remained at the cutting edge of the folkscene, exploring their songs and tunes in various line-ups that run the gamut from hard rock ambience to a more tradangled acoustic trio. What they have retained throughout, however, is their own distinctive sound and approach to folk and roots music.

The multi-award-winning outfit is now entering its 40th year, as vital and creative as ever, with some of the finest songs in the modern folk canon to their name: Put Out The Lights; When I’m Up (I Can’t Get Down); Blood Wedding; Everywhere I Go; The Oxford Girl; Granite Years; Native Son… plus many others from their vast back catalogue that will be featured in performance during a year of touring and festivals from summer 2017 into 2018. A unique and fiercely independent career celebrated. On this tour, the band will play two sets each night, one featuring their highly-influential album Holy Bandits in its entirety, the second a selection of older gems from their vast back catalogue of songs such as Hal-an-Tow, Love Vigilantes, 20th of April, Bells of Rhymney, Bright Morning Star as well as some of the finest new songs in the modern folk repertoire. Oysterband still play with a spirit of the punk ceilidh band of 1977, the one that roared through people’s lives all those years ago, but the growing depth and sensitivity of their songwriting, coupled with the strength of John Jones’ voice and their remarkable musicianship, have lifted the music into a richer, more acoustic era.

Their occasional collaboration with folk diva June Tabor has produced two cult-classic award winning albums, Freedom & Rain and Ragged Kingdom. The latter and their hugely influential album Holy Bandits were voted nos. 4 and 5 among the Ten Best Albums of the last 30 years by the public in a poll by Roots Magazine in 2016. The band is no stranger to TV – they have appeared on Later… With Jools Holland and the BBC Folk Awards shows – but there is no better way to sample the magic of what the band does best, than by catching them live on stage at one of their 2017 tour dates.

The Band

  • John Jones – Voice, Melodeon
  • Alan Prosser – Guitars, Voice
  • Ian Telfer – Violin, Voice
  • Al Scott – Bass, Mandolin, Voice
  • Adrian Oxaal – Cello, Voice
  • NEW: Pete Flood (formerly Bellowhead) – Drums, Voice


Passenger (UK)

A lot has happened since Mike Rosenberg (Photo by Jarrad Seng), the British singer-songwriter who records and performs as Passenger, signed to IE Music aged just 17. Having originally emerged fronting a band, his re-invention as a solo performer began with years of busking, largely in Australia. Then came a number of shows supporting Ed Sheeran. And then, in ‘Let Her Go’, a tune that topped charts in 20 countries around the world. Those who know only that single, which won an Ivor Novello and clocked up a billion Youtube hits, might be surprised to hear that there have also been seven albums, less ubiquitous but no less acclaimed, from Wicked Man’s Rest (2007) to Whispers (2014) and Whispers II (2015).

Passenger’s eighth album, Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea is a record of continuity but also of change. The exquisite songcraft and the distinctive delivery remain as before, because Rosengerg himself remains as before: thoroughly down to earth, responding to the size and scale of ‘Let Her Go’ with the mix of genuine humility and self-deprecating humour so evident in his onstage performances. (‘How amazing, in a lifetime, to have a song that’s got this big,’ he told Reuters at the Ivor Novellos. ‘I’m so happy. That’s a story to tell my grandkids. You know, I was number one in Luxembourg.’)

What has changed? While recent albums have been recorded in Sydney, Young as the Morning… was recorded at Neil Finn’s Roundhead studio in New Zealand, inspired by the epic landscapes in that country and in Iceland, the location for the accompanying videos and photos. Lyrically, too, the album is newly panoramic. The stories both individual and universal, of relationships and the passing of time, are still there, for instance on tracks like ‘When We Were Young’, ‘Everything’ and ‘Somebody’s Love’. Yet they are joined, this time, by widescreen landscapes: Finnish forests, Norwegian lakes, Scottish highlands, the Italian coastline.

Musically, the sound has filled out too. Young as the Morning… is again a co-production with Chris Vallejo (INXS, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Empire of the Sun), in whose Sydney studio most recent Passenger material has been recorded. For this album, however, the pair were joined by a group of live musicians who also perform with Australian indie-folk duo Angus and Julia Stone.

“Chris and I agreed to step it up for this new record”, says Rosenberg. “We brought in some great musicians – I had met and jammed with them at a few festivals, and we got on really well. We also did pre-production for the first time: we all got together for a week in Sydney a month or so before recording the album. It meant the guys had a chance to digest the songs and we had a chance to really get to know one other. So the recording process, which can end up feeling quite pressured, felt very relaxed.”

The sense of taking time is reflected in the final album, which captures the growing confidence of Rosenberg and Vallejo as a production partnership. The involvement of fellow musicians from an early stage, meanwhile, has resulted in the kind of fuller arrangements and big sound that does justice to the epic lyrical themes.

“I’ve done pretty much an album a year for the last decade”, says Rosenberg, “and the worry is that you don’t live with things for long enough. This time we’ve culled from 16 tracks to 10. I know the most recent record is probably always my favourite, but I honestly feel this is the first time I can play the new record to people and not feel obliged to make excuses. I’m so proud of it.”

Mike Rosenberg began working as Passenger in 2003, initially with fellow musicians and subsequently as a solo artist. Prior to Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea, he has released Wicked Man’s Rest (2007), Wide Eyes Blind Love (2009), Flight of the Crow (2010), Divers and Submarines (2010), All the Little Lights (2012), Whispers (2014) and Whispers II (2015). He lives in Brighton and still busks when he can.

The Band

  • Mark Rosenberg – Gitarre, Gesang


Keywest (UK)

Keywest (Photo by Michaela Keicher) are widely known for their explosive live performances. The 4 piece Dublin based rock band comprises of Dublin & London born lads. Dublin members include singer Kav ( Andy Kavanagh ) and Glover ( Andrew Glover ) who plays Keys and rhythm guitar. English members are Jimi Lock on lead guitar and Harry Sullivan on drums.
After deciding to start a band, childhood friends Kav & Glover began playing in pubs around Dublin. They took the name Keywest after a trip to Florida for a gig. The english pair were added following a similar trip to Los Angeles where the lads became good friends and stayed in contact.

After making the decision for the English duo to move over to Ireland, other obstacles became apparent to the band. One such obstacle was how a difficult move to Ireland could work financially. Gigs were few and far between for a new band so Keywest avoided the slow gig scene and took to busking on the streets. Wise or unwise the band began honing their sound and style on the streets and quickly became famous for busking on Shop Street in Galway and Grafton Street in Dublin.

In 2015 the they released their highly anticipated album “JOYLAND” which shot straight into the Number 1 spot for a number of weeks. Following the number 1 album Keywest enjoyed an explosive rise which included a string of radio hits such as “Carousel”, “This is Heartbreak”, “This Summer”, “Something Beautiful” and “Cold Hands”.

In addition Keywest sold out shows across the country including sell outs in The Olympia Theatre, The Academy & Whelans all within a 10 month period. They also enjoyed a festival full summer with performances at Longitude, Main Stage Indiependence and two performances at Electric Picnic, Main Stage & Salty Dog.

Keywest have been called the hardest working band in the business. They’ve taken their high energy acoustically driven sound from the streets onto the radio,sell out shows and to over 200k monthly listeners. reviewed Keywest: “Keywest are an electric and galactic musical force (…) their live performance aspired and achieved that Stadium Rock (…) It was cocky, clattering and crackingly good music

Hotpress reviews say: “No band gets a crowd going – and particularly a female crowd – quite like Keywest”. And: “They truly are masters of eliciting maximum crowd responses”.

The Video for “This Summer” was widely made at the blacksheep Festival in Bonfeld in 2015, when Keywest was voted by the audiance as “Best Festivalband”.

The Band

  • Andy Kavanagh – Voice
  • Andrew Glover – Guitar, Keyboard
  • Jimi Lock – Guitar
  • Harry Sullivan – Drums


Mrs. Greenbird (Germany)

Mrs. Greenbird (Photo by Wolfgang Vogt) –  honest, handmade and maybe a little bit weird. The folk pop duo from Cologne, Germany, provided one of the very rare music business success stories. Starting off as wedding singers in 2006, singer Sarah Nuecken and guitarist Steffen Brueckner played their way through bars, restaurants and laundromats to chisel their skills and build a solid fanbase. Mrs. Greenbird’s music is multifaceted, blending their strong harmony vocals with their very own musical style – they summed up in one simple word: Singersongwritercountryfolkpop. Fans often compare them to Scarlet and Gunnar from ABC’s “Nashville” or reference them as “the german Johnny and June”. But decide for yourself.

Their debut album „Mrs. Greenbird“ scored 2013’s first No.1 in the German album charts, and was awarded gold with about 170.000 copies sold. Also it received two ECHO-Award nominations. (German Grammies)

Mrs. Greenbird masterfully knows how to delight their fans at their live shows as well. Their 2013 tour was almost entirely sold-out and received the LEA-Award for the best club-tour. It was followed by a large number of critically acclaimed festival shows. Altogether more than 80,000 fans witnessed the band’s extraordinary live qualities. Cologne newspaper “Kölnische Rundschau” raved: “Sarah Nücken presented herself with a voice that gets under your skin from the very first beat. Haunting, crystal clear, with flattering heights, and most of all with perfect intonation, she made the songs pure joy to listen to. Her congenial music and life companion Steffen Brückner naturally provided his part, blending his guitar into a wonderful, harmonious unity with Nücken’s voice.“

Even international stars like Katie Melua, Anastacia and Academy Award winner Tim Robbins fell under their spell and invited them to join their shows in Germany.

For their second album „Postcards“, Mrs. Greenbird teamed up with multi-platinum producer Marshall Altman to shape their musical vision.  To capture the raw and authentic sound their music stands for, all songs were recorded with a live band in the historic RCA Studio A, where once Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton recorded their songs back in the days.

They tested the new songs in a sold out show at the famous „bluebird café“ and received raving feedback. They came home with an album that draws from the good old american styles while displaying their unique style at the same time. Short and sometimes quirky stories are revealed throughout their twelve original compositions to encourage people to find the courage to write their own story.

In spring and summer 2015, the band played an extensive tour and festivals shows with a full band setup only to return with a back-to-the-roots duo-tour named „the squirrel and the brontosaurus“ in fall. Currently Mrs. Greenbird is working on album #3, playing selected shows and festivals in 2017 to try out new material.

Great things are coming! Stay tuned!

The Band

  • Sarah Nücken – Voice, Keyboard
  • Steffen Brückner – Voice, Guitar


Wishbone Ash (UK)

The classic rock bands of the late ’60s and early ’70s enjoy a unique place in popular musical history. The Beatles had gone their separate ways, Britain had already experienced the Blues Boom, and Psychedelia had made its impact. The creative possibilities were infinite. Wishbone Ash embarked on the nascent Progressive Rock scene in 1969, taking full advantage of a fertile musical environment where they produced a distinctive brand of melodic rock. Inspired equally by British folk traditions and American jazz and R&B, the group played to public and critical acclaim.

More than 45 years later, having pioneered the use of twin lead guitars, Wishbone Ash has gained worldwide recognition, based firmly on a regime of relentless touring. The band includes founding member Andy Powell, who handles lead vocals and trades licks with Yorkshire’s Mark Abrahams. Bassist Bob Skeat, a 20-year veteran of the band, keeps the bottom rocking with Joe Crabtree, one of the best of Britain’s new breed of drummers whose performance credits include Pendragon and David Cross of King Crimson. Wishbone Ash, the quintessential road band, is an acknowledged influence on many other bands including Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden. Power and melody have made the Ash a hard act to follow, while they are currently being discovered by new generations of loyal rock fans. An exceptional recording and touring career has seen Wishbone Ash weather many changes in record labels, personnel and musical trends. Today, the band is still going strong, with most of their vast catalog intact on CD, an award-winning website and a date sheet the envy of many other bands.

Recording highlights are, of course, the multi-million selling 1972 album “Argus,” considered to be one of the all-time classic rock albums, together with “Pilgrimage” (1971) and “New England” (1976). More recently, “The Power of Eternity” (2007), “Elegant Stealth” (2011) and “Blue Horizon” (2014) garnered enthusiastic praise. The band’s biggest seller, “Live Dates” (1973), is one of the highly rated live albums of the 1970s.

There is the inevitable box set titled “Distillation” (1993) and also the unplugged album, “Bare Bones” (1999), which shows the softer side of the band. In 2008, at the invitation of XM Satellite Radio in the USA, Wishbone Ash produced a fresh, live recorded performance of the “Argus” classic, in front of a small invited studio audience. The resulting CD, “Then Again Now,” includes bonus tracks like “Way of the World.” In 2009, the band celebrated its 40th anniversary with a show at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire Theatre, which is available on DVD. Also on DVD is a behind-the-scenes ‘rockumentary,’ “This Is Wishbone Ash” (2010), detailing the recording process of “Elegant Stealth” interspersed with concert footage.

With 24 studio releases, 11 live albums and five live DVDs to date, Wishbone Ash continues to prove they are not a band to rest on their laurels. An ongoing series of releases entitled “Roadworks” captures the excitement and energy of a live Wishbone Ash performance. In May 2015, the band embarked on two live recording projects: a direct-to-vinyl performance at renowned Metropolis Studios complex in London; and a three-day residency at Le Triton Theatre in Les Lilas, Paris that was recorded for a DVD release in October 2015. Also in 2015, Andy Powell released his musical memoir, “Eyes Wide Open: True Tales of a Wishbone Ash Warrior” (co-written with Colin Harper, Jawbone Press).

With a Foreword by Scottish novelist Ian Rankin (best known for his “Inspector Rebus” crime series), “Eyes Wide Open” offers an inside track of five decades of life on the road and in the studio. The latest musical project is “Wishbone Ash: The Vintage Years” (Snapper Music), a 32-CD deluxe box set spanning the years 1969 to 1991, featuring a coffee table book, posters, floppy discs, rare photos and more, with release planned in late 2017.

The Band

  • Andy Powell – Vocals, Guitar
  • Mark Abrahams – Guitar
  • Joe Crabtree – Drums
  • Bob Skeat – Bass



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