4. blacksheep bandcontest – 22th April

Saturday, 22th April
Beginning: 7pm
Opening: 6pm
Where: Bislandhalle Bonfeld
Free Entry

For the fourth time, the blacksheep Kulturinitiative Bonfeld has announced a band contest for young musicians sponsored by the German company FÖRCH. Five newcomer bands will play for the FÖRCH award at the 4th blacksheep band contest on Saturday, 22 April. The winner will open the 4th blacksheep festival on Saturday, 24 June at 3.30 pm at the Kornspeicherbühne.

The junior team of the Kulturinitiative blacksheep has selected the following bands from a wide range of applications:  Alex Fischer, a four-headed band from Hamm, that feels comfortable in German pop rock, DOTE comes from Essen and will bring you indie pop music, for Paradision, the gig becomes a home game, because the rock band comes from Heilbronn, IZE makes pop music, funk and RnB and our special guest High Tide, who was the winner of the previous year, will rock you with its classic rock and blues music this evening.

The jury is composed of professionels and the audience. Furthermore, the winner has the chance to play at the Viel & Draußen Festival on Friday, 28th July. The junior team will be offering delicious little snacks to eat and refreshing drinks.

The blacksheep Band Contest about the FÖRCH award is taking place for the fourth time. It is organized and carried out by the junior team of the blacksheep Kulturinitiative Bonfeld e.V. and supported by the Theo Förch GmbH, Neuenstadt a.K ..

 Alex Fischer (Hamm)

Alex Fischer: feels comfortable in German pop rock. They founded a singer-songwriter project in early 2016 and eventually became the band Alex Fischer. In addition, three of the four guys are named Alexander on the ID card. Of course the fourth member is a passionate Fisherman, after all. You can listen to hard rock sound, but also to soft and melancholic guitar reefs, which are accompanied by soft piano sounds.

Web: www.sommerimmaerz.de or Facebook

DOTE (Essen)

For what DOTE swarms is quite clear: For danceable and dreamy guitar music. Or in short: DOTE loves Indie music. You can expect classical, spherical riffs and catchy melodies, combined with synthesizers. Together with the dark voice of Jonah and the bright voice of Luke, this gives the sound of DOTE.

Web: www.facebook.com/DOTEBAND

Paradision (Heilbronn)

The young rock band from Heilbronn has met in 2014 and has rehearsed since then with goal to conquer the stages. They stand for diversified and refreshing riff rock but also for ballades.

Web: www.paradision-music.de or www.facebook.com/pg/paradision.band

IZE (Dinkelsbühl)

IZE carries the summer to listeners with a mix of pop, radio, R’n’B and German lyrics. Not far from the biggest metal festival of Baden-Württemberg, Dinkelsbühl, they met each other. They spent much time in the rehearsing room and matched up every single one of their talents.
Web: www.ize-music.de or www.facebook.com/izemusik

Special Guest HIGH TIDE (Heilbronn)

The six musicians from Heilbronn live and live music! In their passion for classic rock and blues rock they show passion and professionalism. With High Tide you can expect a tremendous voice, stormy guitar riffs and liquid music.

Web: www.hightide-band.de or www.facebook.com/Rock.HighTide